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Security & Compliance for Telephone Answering Service
Security & Compliance for Telephone Answering Service
Security & Compliance for Telephone Answering Service

Security & Compliance

Maintain HIPAA, HITECH & Sox Compliance with Secure Messaging

Businesses that engage in the handling, maintenance, storage or exchange of private health or patient-related information, are subject to Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Healthcare organizations and technology partners, such as answer all, are not only morally obligated to safeguard protected health information (PHI); they are legally obligated to do so. The Secure Messaging Application enables users to facilitate compliance with the latest HIPAA requirements.


The Secure Messaging Application utilizes 256-bit SSL technology, exceeding the standards necessary for legal compliance and making it the ideal text messaging solution for healthcare environments. Secure messages sent on your smartphone or tablet remain encrypted during transit. In addition, secure messages received on your smartphone or systems tablet remain on your device until you choose to erase them. This is especially convenient if you need to access a message but are not in a Wi-Fi or security concerns Internet enabled area.

Notification & Reporting

With The Secure Messaging Application, users are notified when a message they sent has been received, opened and/or read by the intended recipient. All activity between the contact center and each device is tracked (with time stamps) and can be reported and archived at any time.

Password Protection

answer all supplies the users with The Startel Secure Messaging Application for their smartphone. Users must be registered to the Startel Aggregator and must have valid credentials to send and receive secure messages. These requirements provide users with an additional layer of security, ensuring that ePHI is exchanged only between secure devices.

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